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  • What is PrizeBulb? PrizeBulb is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where members can complete offers and earn points.

  • What types of products can be redeemed at PrizeBulb? All sorts of electronics and gadgets can be redeemed from PrizeBulb. We always welcome prize suggestions from our users.

  • What can you do with Points on PrizeBulb? Points are what give you the opportunity to redeem goods from PrizeBulb.

  • Does PrizeBulb ship internationally? Yes we do. We ship to all the countries that we accept users from.

  • When will I receive my shipment? It takes about 5 – 7 business days to process an order and have it shipped.

  • How many accounts can I have? Only one per person.

  • How come some offers say they are unavailable? This is very normal since some advertisers stop the campaigns at certain times. You should simply close the window and try another campaign.

  • How exactly do I earn points? There are two ways of earnings points. 1) by completing offers on the Offers page. 2) By inviting friends to PrizeBulb (Earn 1 point for every person you refer and plus another 5 Points if that person completes an offer).

  • Can I invite people in the same household as me? You may invite up to 1 person only from the same household.